'The Albert Slipper', as it is commonly referred to, dates back to the British-Victorian Era when Prince Albert married Queen Victoria in 1840. His velvet slippers, with the Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Coat of Arms embroidered in gold thread, were used to welcome guests inside the Royal Palace.

Later, during the 1950-1960's, velvet slippers were used by American 'Old Money' aristocrats, politicians, and celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, David Niven, and John F. Kennedy. Nowadays, they are common among trendsetters in Paris, The Hamptons, Milan, London, Monaco, Sydney, and Tokyo.

In 2012, Romero + McPaul was born as a 'Lifestyle Brand' with a single thought in mind: To create outstanding and bespoke velvet slippers. The brand became an instant favorite among 'Ivy Leaguers', not surprisingly, growth came along.

Nowadays, we offer a wide variety of accessories and shoes; from espadrilles, manoletinas, top-siders, sneakers, and driving shoes, to Belgian loafers, and the classic Opera Pumps. The velvet slipper is still our core business and our customer's favorite shoe. All of our products are 100% handmade by the best shoemakers in some of the most experienced loafer factories in England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Belgium.

It is our own special interest to bring 'One Percenters' across the globe, closer to products that match their prominent lifestyle.


The brand Romero + McPaul comes from a blend of three different elements considered sacred to us founders. All of our different designs tend to follow these ideals which are classic; we do not believe in fashion or tendencies; our style has and will always remain the same over time.

The first and foremost element is ROYALTY. The velvet slipper, born as an exclusive shoe for English Royals, has elements of heritage, elegance, old money, and arrogance intrinsically. We feel truly inspired by the different Royal Families across Europe, specially The House of Windsor and The House of Grimaldi.

Our second element is SAILING. Our favorite sailing spot is definitely along the Northeastern region of the United States, more commonly known as New England. Places like Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine, The Hamptons, and Nantucket give us endless elements which are reflected in all of our creations.

Third and last element: THE IVY LEAGUE. This emblematic group of eight of the most elite American universities is famous for its classic style and mysterious secret societies. Harvard, Yale and Princeton are just a few of the responsible for the iconic 'Prep Style'.

Sticking to our principles while remaining different from the rest, Romero + McPaul stands in a class by itself.