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A Brief Illustrated History of The Slipper


The velvet slipper was worn exclusively by English royals during the reign of Victoria. In fact, the slipper, as we know it today, began with Prince Albert himself, when an occasion arose in which his shoes needed to be suitable for the indoors and guests. Bearing his house’s coat of arms, they greeted his dinner party with an inviting, impressionable charm. Since then, the slipper has been iconically seen on celebrities such as Ryan Gosling and Dean Martin. 

 Prince Albert Inventor of Smoking Slipper, Ryan Gosling Wearing Velvet Slippers on Talk Show, Dean Martin Wearing Signature Velvet Slippers With Crown Embroidery

But it’s not just about the slipper. It’s about style. Anyone can wear a shoe—while only few can greet the world with a charm all their own.

How To Incorporate The Slipper Into Everyday Dress

For the casual dresser, our slippers are a comfortable friend. Slip ‘em on, slip ‘em off. Trek through downtown. Breeze through lunch. Try a lazy tee with chino shorts, and then, your selvedge denim and a pullover sweater. Beside our super-soft leather insoles conforming to your individual walk, our slippers pair quite well with a wide range of casual pieces-- only you know how to wear them best.

Casual Looks, By You:

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We’re truthful when we say that the preppy style is certainly our favorite to pair with our velvet slippers. Although a casual style oozes with functionality and ease, it is precisely that aspect that brings us to savor the act of dressing in this classic way. Prep takes time and planning-- a careful consideration of color and texture, a balance of silhouettes, checking the weather-- all to style an ensemble with tremendous taste. With no detail overlooked, slippers are one of several essential pieces that round out the prep wardrobe. 

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Of course, no matter how you wear it, do you. Because, style is an art. It’s your art. Share it. Be unconventional. It’s never ordinary if it’s style.

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